MonsterDB Technology

monsterDB Technology

Understand a little more about how the database is built up and how to build solutions around it here. 

monsterDB, built for Matching

monsterDB shares many attributes with mongoDB, but instead it is built on a pure Java architecture, which means it can be embedded directly into a java application (without communications) or used in an n-tier application. Fuzzy matching is built directly into the engine  – we didn’t simply bolt smart matching technology on the side. Our data collections are moveable, meaning you can build them on one machine and move them to another – seemlessly.

Custodian, MDM application

Built to take advantage of the MonsterDB capabilities the Custodian App is a fully functional MDM application that can load, match, link, merge and report on data duplicates in your data. Used in conjunction with monsterDB it enables its users to identify duplicates, linkages (for example parent-child relationships) and resolve them using task management processes.

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