Mastering Invoices

Reduce Fraud
Master Your Invoices

Advanced Matching Technology

By looking across multiple systems such as accounts payable, financial accounting, HR and others we can see if there are any potential fraud points in your invoicing process, across system and across geographical boundaries. 

Regular Scheduled Checks

We are able to configure the system to check the data as it arrives in real time or on a schedule – perhaps overnight before payments are approved the next day-

See Through Deception

Our Matching Technology can see through commonly introduced errors such as slight alterations of names and amounts. 

Match Payees to Employees

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Task Management View

Anything that is considered to be odd will be flagged to the auditor as soon as it is seen

What Makes Us Different

We spent over 15 years mastering the art of matching, we have 24 different built in match types such as Person, Company, Ticker, Address, Color and Size, plus we have thousands of rules that you can use – included.


We present potential duplicate invoices  in a uniquely aligned concept grid to help your users decide – faster.  The task review process was designed from the start to be simple to use and to manage, and in conjunction with the dashboards this means the system guides you


We show all our data types and concepts for you in an easy to understand active dashboard, you can define the flexible data quality rules to assess the completeness of your data via the data quality dashboard.



“With the help of EntityStreams Invoice Custodian product we were able to transform the process of matching incoming payment requests across multiple systems, now we have a streamlined data governance process.”