MARS Rest Usage

Service Methods

The service exposes 4 methods, compare, standardise, index, and XMLtoJSON the format of the rest endpoints are:
compare – score some records: http://yourserver:port/compare/SCHEMA/TABLE
standardise – standardise some records: http://yourserver:port/standardise/SCHEMA/TABLE
index – create indexable (clashing keys) for some records: http://yourserver:port/index/SCHEMA/TABLE/[INDEXNAME][?match=true|false][&search=true|false]
XMLtoJSON – convert an XML file into a list of JSON objects http://yourserver:port/XMLtoJSON/SCHEMA/TABLE/ROOTNODE


SCHEMA is the name of the schema in schemaList ie GLEIF
TABLE is the table name in the schema ie GLEIF or COMPANY, PERSON, etc
INDEXNAME is the optional index name for creating tokens to index the data by
ROOTNODE is the XML complex type that repeats and should be extracted to a object
isMatch=true|false and isSearch=true|false are optional – in the event that the index is both match and search you can specify which types of keys to return.
includeOrig=true|false is also an optional flag to include the input record attached to each index output

All methods expect a post to be used and the post data should be in JSON or XML format (for XMLtoJSON only)