Mars Pricing Options

Standard Edition (Free)

Enables the use of the product in a create a single install with a single repository and a single user.

You can compare/index/standardise any number of records for free in any number of table types with any number of purposes.


(1) The product is free for usage, a fair usage policy applies, currently this is 1000 API calls per day and is managed by your server.

(2) There is no support – you can submit bugs, we will be sympathetic and fix things, but in no guaranteed order or timescale.

(3) Product must be registered with us before it is operational, this is done on first use



Support & Developer Editions

Standard support is available at £1,000 per installation per year plus sales tax, payable in advance, or £100 per month per instance. This provides 9am-5pm (CET) email/online helpdesk support. 


Enhanced support is available at £3,500 per installation per year plus sales tax, payable in advance, or £350 per month. This provides 24 hour support email/online helpdesk support with a dedicated support person to help manage your issues. 



Standard and Enhanced editions remove the fair usage policy on the product.

Developer Edition

Per developer: £1,500 per annum plus sales tax – gives access to model builder, configuration and designer.


Fair Usage Policy – Standard (free) Edition

We operate a fair usage policy on the Mars server, to extend your usage beyond this 1,000 API calls per day, you must have a supported version of the product. We can extend your fair usage limit remotely and it will take effect within 1 minute.


SLA for Standard Support is 1 working day response, 72 hours resolution for P1 Production bugs only.

SLA for Enhanced Support is 2 hours response, 24 hours resolution for P1 Production Bugs and 72 hours for other production bugs

P1 production bugs are where the solution is not operational, or data corruption is occurring, all other bugs will be classified as P2 regardless of whether they are in production or not. Non production bugs will always be prioritised after P1 production bugs and will be addressed on within 2 weeks.