Mastering Legal Entities


Legal entity data acquisition and alignment is not an easy task, with EntityStream, we simplify the problem and the solution....

"What EntityStream have done is vastly simplify the process of aligning my data to the GLEIF dataset "
Senior Manager,
Investment Bank - London


One of the biggest issues to users of data from sources such as GLEIF is that the alignment between your internal data and the public data cannot be done quickly. However with EntityStream we provide you with the Governance building blocks to assist, such as task management, task filtering, auditing and reporting so that when your team gets its teeth into the job, they do it well and you can measure it.

SIMPLIFY THE user experience

Key to productivity in matching is the ability to be able to resolve a match in ONE CLICK, in our match resolution screens you can see the key facts aligned and act upon them in a single click. You can decide to merge, assign the same Enterprise Identifier or to link two records as a parent and child from the same rolling match report without leaving the screen. This is why EntityStream makes matching quicker and better.


GLEIF as a data source is available from our marketplace, as is company data from Companies House (UK registry) and others, this means that in a few seconds you can install the feeds to load the most recent data sources and have them matched against your data.

fall in love with our features

Real time stats

Our Dashboards show in realtime how your data stewards are doing and how many tasks are still outstanding, plus you can see the spread of those tasks by percentage similarity by entity type.


The Multi-Domain MDM model supports any number of entity types and concepts, our model works a little differently from the other traditional MDM vendors, see how here

Marketplace Driven

One click install from the EntityStream Marketplace, this will enable you to create pre.defined data models, match rules to suit them and also feeds for some remote data vendors.

Totally Configurable

Add matching rules, add quality rules, define scripts to identify data errors, define your own conceptual data model and even schedule your own feeds, we have every part of the MDM experience covered.

Community builder

Users can submit metadata for consideration into the free marketplace within EntityStream, this will package up your model, rules and feeds and enable others to install it in one click.

Easy to use Modelling interface

Simple model and rules builders allows you to create your own data model and match rules and check them into the versioning system.

Make YOUR DATA beautiful AGAIN

It has never been easier to master data.