Reviewing Tasks

Tasks are navigated to in two key ways, the dashboard screen shows the latest tasks of all types and allows the user to act on those tasks. However there are few filter actions to allow you to find a specific task.

Task Review – Menu

Main menu allows you to choose the type of tasks you are interested in EID, Links, Merges or Completed taskss – Accepted and Rejected.

Task Review – Anatomy of Screen

  1. Task Item Menu, allows access to the Set Focus function of tasks, this will enable the user to see related tasks for this record. It also enables the Edit dialog opening the chosen record in the data editor.
  2. Full Record Details and Hierarchy – The down chevron enables a drop down full details screen that shows all the attributes of both records side by side:

Data is fully scroll able and the screen will attempt to keep both sides of the screen in sync so the user can either scroll the left or the right side and the opposite screen will scroll with it.

The Hierarchy view of both records is also visible by clicking on the hierarchy button on both sides, this enables the user to view the structure of the record in focus to determine if it is the correct item to merge/eid/link.

3. Score – shows the comparative score of the two records. 0-100%

4. Concept View, this shows the key attributes as defined by the model, all concepts are shown in the top level of the task, however full record details are accessible using the detail drop down.

5. Key Action Button – if a record has been tasked for Merge then the button will in one click perform this action and merge the two records together, if the tasks are queued for link then the user will be prompted for further details, such as the type of link and the direction of the linkage, see below. If the tasks is a EID task, then the lowest EID value of the records will be applied to both records.

Link Tasks: The user is prompted to clarify the link direction and the type of the linkage, if the hierarchy chosen has a table attached to it, then the user will also be prompted for relationship properties, such as a comment etc.

6. Secondary action menu button, as show allows the user to change the type of task to reject it:

Reject, will remove task from tasks screen and tag it as rejected by the current user. To Merge/EID/Link will change the type of task and it will be removed from this screen and appear in the corresponding Tasks menu.

7. Filter – slide the double ended slider to pick the percentage range you are interested in, then you may click Filter to find those tasks. Also you can pick the tables for the task, so if you only want tasks that are for a specific table to another table, such as Supplier-Employee then this filter can be used to find these tasks to.

8. Refresh – will refresh the tasks and redraw this screen,

Searching for a records tasks

From the search screen it is possible to open the full details of a search result to view all the attributes and properties of a record, at the top of this drop down detail screen there is a hamburger menu allowing you to view Tasks:

This will enable the user to see all tasks related to this record:

Finding Other Tasks (Set Focus)

On either side of the task there are menus indicated by the hamburger menu, on this menu you will find the option to Set Focus, this will search for any tasks relating to the record you have chosen.

The breadcrumb menu at the top will enable you to go back to a previous view.