Logging into Custodian

Table of Contents

  1. Requesting Access

Once your custodian server is started (after approximately 1-2 minutes on average) you will be able to navigate to the machine name or ip address of the server generally at port 8080 or 80 depending on your configuration.

If you have not run custodian on the machine before or you have moved the database or database localtion setting (dbLoc) then you will be redirected to register your new Custodian Instance:

You must always register your instance, and certainly within 60 minutes of the server being started, please be aware that an instance name can only be 1-7 characters and it will be truncated if you enter more than 7 characters. You can reuse an instance name that you have already used before, names do not need to be unique, however if you wish to be able to manage the licences easily on the Entitystream portal then you should be careful to out a little thought into it!

If you have not visited the EntityStream portal before then you will also be prompted to login first:

Either login using a social media button (recommended) or create a EntityStream account using the register now button. Either way whichever you chose then you should note that you will always to able to login to your Entitystream custodian instance via this portal without any further authentication (once the registration is completed).

Once registration is complete you will be returned to your server and a message indicating that the server is “Already Registered” will be shown. You can now simply login using the unified sign on button and you will be authenticated already.

Requesting Access

Other users can request access to the system simply by using the “Request Access” button on the login page above:

You will be prompted next time you login to the server to approve or reject the new users access.