Exchanging Metadata

Table of Contents

  1. Importing Metadata

Exchanging Metadata between installations and or different deployments of Custodian is fairly simple, it involves exporting from one deployment to another, due to the segregation across domains, you should be aware that exporting or publishing from a domain will (currently) only export metadata for that domain.

The Model menu allows access to the metadata exchange functions, from the Export & Publish options and the import option.

Export and publish is a combined tool that enables the user to export the metadata to a local JSON file that describes the metadata including the match rules, it also enables you to send the metadata to the EntityStream cloud server, this enables you to publish it privately to us for review or assistance.

To export a table and its associated objects, chose it from the drop down list, or chose All, the objects to be exported will be listed under the dialog.

When saving the metadata, you can include additional information that can help us to identify the usage of the data, this will also be published to the file or to the EntotyStream cloud server.

Importing Metadata

To import a metadata exchange file in json format , use the Import option on the modeling menu and pick the file from your local machine, press import, when the work is done the screen will refresh.