Changing the Custodian Port

Changing the port for a web server is a common request, however it is not simple as the default port is controlled by the thorntail system, here are the steps you can try when running the server in different installations to effect the port it runs on:


If you are using a docker-compose.yml file to install your custodian instance

  image: entitystream/custodian:snapshot
  entrypoint: java -Dswarm.http.port=80 -jar /entitystream/EntityStream-thorntail.jar
  container_name: custy
  hostname: hostname
  restart: always
    - "80:80"
    - /root/entitystream/:/root/EntityStream

Change the swarm-http-port and the associated ports directive to the port of your choice.

If you start docker from a docker run command

docker run --entrypoint "java -Dswarm.http.port=80 -jar /entitystream/EntityStream-thorntail.jar" custodian  

Windows/Unix command line

If you start custodian from a command line or script in windows or *nix, then you should append the port directive to the java command:

java -Dswarm.http.port=80 -jar /usr/local/EntityStream-thorntail.jar