Accessing monsterDB from Custodian

Table of Contents

  1. Terminal
  2. Web Command Line

Although Custodian deals with the majority of administrative functions through its extensive user interface, one of the key tasks that you will need to do when using Custodian in an advanced administrator role is to access monsterDB directly to perform system maintenance, configuration and even manually run match processes.

This can be done in 3 ways, via the API, through the terminal or using the web command line. The first option requires experience using Java and is not within the scope of this article, however using the terminal and web command line is detailed here.


Navigate to a command line terminal in *nix (bash) or windows (cmd prompt) start the monsterDB command line using:

java -jar monsterDB.jar [-p 27018] [-u username] [-p password]

This command will start the monsterDB command line as per the specifications on the command line documentation here:

Link to monsterDB Documentation

Web Command Line

The Custodian UI includes a facility to access the monsterDB command line – albeit only 95% of the commands are available, most of the ones you require will be supported.

The arrows indicate the cog menu which provides advanced functionality, and the Monster Terminal option which will start the monster terminal in the browser window directly connecting to the database which the custodian is using.

MonsterDB commands are out of scope of this document, but can be found here:

Link to monsterDB Documentation