Deploy on Google using Containers

MARS Configuration on Google is simple:
  1. Create a Google Compute Engine using
  2. Use the prebuilt container image for EntityStream Mars - currently this is:
    Provide a schema to the image in the mapped volume /schemas - the example schemas are listed on the website here:, one is provided for you.
  3. Under Advanced Container Options, add a new Environment Variable called "schemaDir" with the value set ie:
    The contents of this directory are scanned on start up and any files ending with the extension .json will be loaded as a schema file, for for information on this format see here
  4. Under VPC-Network create a Firewall rule to map the 8090 port:
    IP ranges:
  5. You are done - you can start and test the container - using the IP address assigned as the External IP!
curl --data @"crossMatch.json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://EXTERNALIP:8090/compare/CrossMatch/

Before the Server will process any REST calls you need to activate it - to do this navigate to the http://ipaddress:8090/ url, where ipaddress is the address of your server and register your name and email address.