Deploy on Azure (Container Instance)

Deploying on Azure is also fairly simple:

  1. Create a container instance, from the Azure Portal:
    1. Create a Resource – Containers – Create a Container Instance:
    2. Basics – using the “entitystream/mars:latest” docker image
    3. Container Requirements – key stuff is:
      1. Container Type: Linux
      2. Ports: 8090 only need to be opened
      3. Environment Variable has to be set “schemaDir”:”/schemas”
  2. Click OK and Azure will create you a container instance within a few minutes, you can test it using a curl command, such as :
curl --data @"crossMatch.json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST

Before the Server will process any REST calls you need to activate it - to do this navigate to the http://ipaddress:8090/ url, where ipaddress is the address of your server and register your name and email address.