Deploy as a Docker Container

MARS Configuration using Docker is simple:
  1. Pull the latest docker image from
  2. Provide a schema to the image in the mapped volume /schemas - the example schemas are listed on the website here:, one is provided for you.
  3. Link the schema to the environment using the environment variable "schemaDir" - such as the example in the build: schemaDir=/schemas - pointing at the schema file you created.
    The contents of this directory are scanned on start up and any files ending with the extension .json will be loaded as a schema file, for for information on this format see here
  4. Restart the container using the docker command.
  5. You might want to map the ports used by the web service using the -p switch on the command line, else the port exposed to you host network will be a random one
docker run -p 8090:8090 entitystream/mars

Before the Server will process any REST calls you need to activate it - to do this navigate to the http://ipaddress:8090/ url, where ipaddress is the address of your server and register your name and email address.