Identification Capabilities

Over the past 5 years we have developed some of the best matching algorithms and these have been used by many organisations in various different industries. These algorithms are loosely described in 2 ways:


Classifiers do a very important job for EntityStream, they enable us to identify data, our experiences over the years have taught us what data looks like and the patterns we should be looking for to identify types of data. It’s not easy, sometime we make mistakes, that’s why we let you, the user, give us hints – these hints are you telling us that when we see something in the data – it means something to you.


We match data in a very unique way, nearly all the matching engines on the market require that you map your data fields to your data model… and by this time the data has changed and the world has moved on. So we don’t take this approach – you tell us what type of data you want to match and how, and we then do the rest.

What's the benefit?

Out unique advantage is that fact that we can start matching data from non-formal file structures, like Spreadsheets, to to formal systems like databases in minutes, it is far simpler to get running and much cheaper to stay afloat!