Unlock Identity Data for GDPR

Find and Unlock Identity Data

EntityStream Custodian allows the user to search for a person or identity and locate all records that pertain to that person in your systems, from wherever they exist, including the source location and date and time of last observation. 

Historian allows you to simply solve SARS (Subject Access Requests) and requests for a Right to be Forgotten. It also gives you the ability to monitor the deletion of the records over the coming days and weeks to give you a reassurance that the information has been removed from record.

If there are some similarities between a record in view – then the historian will show those potential records from other files that have some level of similarity and allow your data user to make a decision at the point of search.

The Custodian enables you to setup key reporting analysis, such as where you have a certain sensitivity in your data. For example in GDPR you will need to see where a record is being held and could potentially represent an underage individual. Or maybe you are not sure that your consent provides you with the legal ability to store ethnicity or religion.

The Custodian not only reports these facts – but also allows you to customise them for your own situation.