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Meet Custodian

About Custodian

Custodian from aims to find and unify customer data across the enterprise, it does this by connecting the core systems in your organisation with the non core systems such as spreadsheets and files being maintained by employees and agents for your company. Then we intelligently extract customer data and join it together using advanced AI techniques.


We have built connections to hundreds of data sources and many matching models for different uses over the past 5 years and this has allowed us to build up a comprehensive set of customer scenarios. These models, match rules  and connectors can be installed into the Custodian in Minutes from our marketplace.



Custodian connectors are agents placed in strategic locations (on-premise or cloud) around the organisation. Connectors can talk to spreadsheets, CSV, XML or any type of text file, plus we have the ability to sweep existing CRM systems and mailing technologies such as Salesforce, Dynamics and Mailchimp.

The connectors aim is to find potential sources of customer information. Read More 


The Identifier takes data harvested from around the sources and attempts to build a cross reference dataset that can be used to find a single identity across many many sources of data gathered by the brokers. 

The identifier uses fuzzy matching technology that has been developed over many years in a user configurable system to enable the organisation to accurately configure the matching to their environment and terminologies. Read More


The firehose is like a constant stream of customer information that can easily be directed to target systems to populate information as we mange to identify it.  This means that we can collect customer data from source systems such as your old CRM and files such as Excel, seemlessly integrate it together and push it to the new CRM solution in real time.

Firehose allows you to direct records to target systems based upon their attributes and validity, ensure data integrity at all times.

 Read More

Is Custodian Artificial Intelligence?

Custodian uses all forms of techniques to be able to identify customer data and then to be able to stitch together a solid record using the best parts that we find from different sources. The types of technology we use are Machine Learning, Fuzzy Matching, Semantic Modelling and human in the loop intervention where necessary. Talk to us about the technical details.