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To agree, or disagree – that is the question.

I am no Shakespeare, neither am I a lawyer – but I am a student of Binary University and I believe there should be a fine line that separates a decision, and the finer the better, as for the avoidance of any doubt. However I have noticed somewhat to my dismay that since the introduction…
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Life Beyond Compliance

Congratulations you’ve made it past the GDPR compliance May 25th, 2018 deadline. But getting to this point has needed many workarounds and been expensive. The question: How do we identify and move beyond workarounds to being able to industrialize and automate governance and compliance to keep data trusted, secured, and governed and GDPR compliant? The…
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Will “Dark Data” Scupper GDPR efforts for many Organisations?

Many organisations face the biggest upheaval in data management practices in decades due to the introduction of GDPR this year, not because they will have to implement new processes or catalogue personal data stored in operational systems, but instead because of the lack of controls placed over an area of the operations causing what is…
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