About Us

We are a group of experienced individuals that all have a large amount of experience in dealing with complex and highly regulated environments, we came together to build the EntityStream because we have a shared belief – a belief in making a software solution that works quickly and without the burden of complex configuration.

Background. Mastering data has become a complex and expensive proposition, with traditional solutions requiring a lengthy process of data extraction and integration. This takes time and money. We think it shouldn’t be like this and after many years of development have built a full featured solution based on data-lake technology to enable its users to master data much faster. Firms have a massive amount of internal data sources and even┬ámore external data sources and 90% of those firms find data harmonisation the biggest headache in mastering their data into a single view. EntityStream provides a simple, self-service, Master Data and Reference Data platform that lets companies become data agile in hours rather than months and years.

General Data Protection Regulation. EntityStream enables organizations structured in divisions to operate autonomously, yet contribute to the global ledger of personal information that is stored across the organization. Using Custodian we enable firms to be able to track the exchange of personally identifiable information without the need to do massive data transformation and alignment exercises. This vastly reduces the time and cost of GDPR implementations whilst still giving a valuable view of cross references around the organization, in an audited and immutable system of reference, for person data and consent indicators.