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Do you need to onboard customer data faster?

Unsupervised Data Integration using Machine Learning allowing you to ingest data in a fraction of the time of traditional legacy ETL solutions.

Do you have customer data spread across multiple systems on premise and in the cloud?

EntityStream Custodian enables you to gather data from multiple sources into a single point in your data network, and feed your key systems effortlessly. Using Automated Data Integration (ADI) we can make this happen in moments, not months.

Is Customer data difficult to integrate and hard to create a single understanding of your customers?

EntityStream enables you to create a deduplicated golden record of customer integrating data live from a growing number of customer sources in your data landscape. We use Unattended Data Integration to build up a semantic model of your data, unifying to create the best view possible of your consolidated datasets.

Do you need to quickly onboard and deduplicate CRM?

Are you migrating your CRM system from a legacy or existing solution including flat files? EntityStream Custodian enables you to gather data from multiple sources into your CRM, we can monitor file systems on premise or online for the existence of new data sources, that meet the requirements of the type of data you are interested in. If we find some, we onboard it – quickly and without manual intervention. Supporting

Do you also need to look beneath the surface – data lurking in Spreadsheets, or common data exchange formats like CSV or XML?

Often stored on file systems and online storage solutions like OneDrive™, DropBox™, Sharepoint™, CRM/Mailing solutions like Salesforce™ (SFDC),
Dynamics™ 365, Mailchimp™, Clickfunnels™, HubSpot™, ActiveCampaign™, EventBrite™, AgileCRM™, Zoho CRM™, CapsuleCRM™ and mail systems like Exchange365™ Person or Company data can be found, classified, validated and published to other systems that need access to timely information.

Are you migrating your CRM system?

You probably have a need to create a true consolidated view across all company and contact data sets, and every day a new source of information appears – you need a solution that enables you to catch up with the “bigger” data world. EntityStream enables you to gather ever growing CRM data sources and load them using our pre-built API’s into the most popular CRM solutions.

Do you need a solution that provides the intelligent glue to enable you to become more effective with your global data migration?

Migrations are hard work, even loading data from the existing legacy system into the new solution can be tough, but how do you migrate this and all the additional sources of information in real time.

We can help you with that